Using Proper Construction Equipment

Uses A Mini-Excavator To Dig A Water Feature

Water skips down a rocky slope then burbles down a pebble-strewn path before entering a gently swirling pond. The pond ends, the water enters a collection funnel, then drawn by a pump, it circles back up to the top of a rocky slope. A water feature can make a beautiful addition to a yard, but before you can enjoy one for yourself to your yard. You need to put together the components of the feature beginning with digging the trenches and pits. For a small water feature, you should use a mini-excavator

The Difference between a Mini-Excavator and Its Bigger Cousin

An excavator is equipped with a hydraulic arm, which is typically connected to a digging bucket. The whole purpose of an excavator is to dig a pit or trench as quickly as possible. While a gigantic digging machine is just what you need for a large-scale project, trying to fit an excavator into your backyard can lead to significant property damage. A mini-excavator captures the functionality of its bigger cousin but on a much smaller scale. Thus, it is perfect for digging the trenches and pits associated with a water feature for a yard. 

Using a Mini-Excavator

The controls for an excavator will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but you will have the drive controls that allow you to maneuver the excavator into position. You will also have controls that allow you to raise and extend the digging arm. Finally, you will have a control to curl and uncurl the digging bucket. Once you have an idea of how the controls work, you should think about where you will put the dirt from the holes you dig. If you place it too close to your holes, it will fall back in. On the other hand, if you put it too far away, it will make backfilling the hole difficult. A good idea is to place the dirt from your pond at the top of the rocky slope you want to make. 

If you want to build a water feature as part of a weekend digging project, you should not feel like you have to go out and buy an excavator. Instead, you should look into renting one at places like Ignite Rental Solutions Ltd heavy equipment rental. Do your best to estimate how long you will need the mini-excavator so that you don't pay too much. There is something satisfying about creating your own water feature and that satisfaction starts with digging the trenches and pits that serve as the foundation for the finished project.