Using Proper Construction Equipment

How To Create A Great Play Area For Your Kids At Your Country Place

Do you have a vacation home in the country, or are do you live there permanently? Either way, lucky you! If you are wanting to have a great play area for your children or your grandchildren, here are some ideas that might inspire you to create something fun and unique.

What You'll Need - Of course, there are companies that can provide workers who will do the work according to your exact specifications. However, if you want to do the job, here are the items you'll need.

  • If you will be doing a lot of concrete work, consider buying a concrete mixer, also known as a cement mixer. However, if this is probably a one time deal, rental companies will have exactly what you need. If you don't know what to rent, they'll help you choose the right equipment for the job.
  • You'll need at least one shovel  If you've been fortunate enough to enlist helpers to do the job, it would be helpful for each person to have his or her own shovel.
  • Hand tools to smooth the cement before it sets will be needed.
  • Add cement, sand, or gravel to your list. Consider buying ready mix concrete which will save you some work. Also, a water hose that will be long enough to reach your work site.

Create Your Design - Think about dividing your play area into different sections.

  • A good place to start your design would be the largest area where kids can play basketball, volleyball and where little kids can skate and ride their tricycles.
  • Think about a second space that would hold a table and benches so the children can have picnics as part of their play day.
  • A very unique touch would be to have a concrete area in the shape of Canada's beautiful maple leaf. This area would be great for the kids to use chalk for games of tic-tac-toe, hopscotch and just to be little artists with their sidewalk chalk.
  • Is there enough acreage for you to create a path for bike riding? If so, consider making it interesting by having it go up and down hills, around trees, and looping it around the main house. If you don't want to use concrete for this area, consider putting gravel on the bike trail.

It will be helpful to have weatherproof cabinets which will hold balls, volleyball nets and other play equipment. Consider asking the kids to give you ideas for the play scape. Contact a local company, like McNabb Construction Ltd, for more information.