Using Proper Construction Equipment

New To Crane Rentals? Things To Keep In Mind When Renting A Crane For A Project

If you have a small construction project coming up, you may think you don't have a need for a crane. However, you may be surprised at just how helpful a crane rental can be. If you have a large amount of heavy lifting to do, a crane can help move those items much more easily than other pieces of construction equipment. However, it is important to remember that operating a crane comes with a variety of rules and stipulations. In addition, crane operation is a skill and requires many precautions and knowledge and should only be done by a professional. The following should be kept in mind when renting a crane:

Make Sure You Have A Certified Crane Operator

Not just anyone can operate a crane. Without the proper training, operating a crane is very dangerous. You cannot have just any member of your construction team operate the crane. A certified crane operator knows exactly what is required, including the weight a crane can handle. Operators go through many certification processes to be licensed to work on cranes. In addition to operating a crane properly, operators also know to inspect a crane before the project begins and conducting risk calculations. When you are hiring a crane operator, it is crucial that they are insured either for themselves or on your project insurance.

Always Be Insured

When you rent any piece of construction equipment, it is imperative that you are fully insured in the event of any accidents that can happen on a job site. It is especially important for crane rentals to be insured even more so than other pieces of equipment due to their ability to cause destruction if improperly operated. A crane only has a certain weight capacity, so lifting something too heavy can cause it to tip over, causing damage to both property and to your workers. To fully protect yourself, make sure you are completely covered by a policy designed for construction projects.

Rent A Crane That Is Suitable For Your Project

One mistake that is commonly made is renting a crane that is either too small or too large for a specific project. Cranes are designed to hold a certain amount of weight. Too much weight can cause the crane to lose its load, causing significant damage. Cranes that are too large are unnecessary and can break your budget for your project since they cost more to rent. Larger cranes also take up a lot of space in your project area.

Utilizing a crane for your project can be very beneficial, but it is important to keep the risks of doing so at the forefront of your mind. Be certain you are aware of all of your responsibilities when renting a crane,including . Also, be sure to only rent a crane and hire an operator from reputable, reliable sources that go thorough the proper safety procedures.