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3 Reasons Why Your Trucking Services Should Operate in Partners

Trucking can be a lonely job whether you are providing long distance trucking services or in-town construction services. If you run a trucking business that does long distance and construction hauls, you should consider making your business partner-only. Though this can be a change from the many trucking services that allow drivers to operate solo, there are a number of benefits to operating with partnership drivers. Here are three reasons why you need to make your company a two driver trucking business.

Less stops but more breaks available

If a driver has to eat, sleep, or take a break for any reason, this is miles that they are not logging on the highway. In order to be competitive, you need to be able to deliver loads and products as quickly as possible. With two drivers, one driver can sleep, break, eat, or otherwise rest while the other driver takes over. This allows for more hours on the road, given that two people can log their hours in one day, rather than one driver that must end all driving for mandated breaks.

Navigation and problem solving is easy

When newer truckers are out on the road, they may have an issue with navigation and get lost. Some may also not know how to pull into a particular business or trucking area that they haven't been to before. With two people, one person can help to navigate while the other remains conscious of the road while driving. If the truck ends up stuck or otherwise has problems, the two drivers can work to solve the issue, rather than having one driver overburdened with figuring out how to get back on the road. Reading a map or dealing with navigation can be a frustrating event, but with two people, it becomes an easier task to split.

Paperwork and load dropping is easier

Drivers have to deal with driving and dropping off a load, as well as paperwork with the company they are delivering for. One person can be in charge of being the contact point while the other maneuvers the load and drops it off of the truck. Splitting up these tasks with one person getting paperwork signed and the load looked over, while the other person drops the load and cleans up the truck means that customer service is faster and that both drivers can get back on the road quicker. This will allow the drivers to make twice the time and possibly get more breaks to go home and see family.

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