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Three Types Of Trucks Used In The Oil Field Industry

The oilfield industry uses many different types of trucks, and the type used depends on the type of cargo it is carrying, as well as where the cargo is going. Below are three types of these trucks so you can decide what type is best for you.

Boom and Winch Trucks

A boom and winch truck is designed to winch loads on and off a trailer, or to lift loads onto a trailer. For example, this truck can be used to pull heavy things, like pump, generators, and mud tanks onto a trailer truck very easily and quickly.  These trucks are equipped with powerful engines and huge trailers so they can be used to position heavy equipment over trailers or over well holes when being used on poles with a pulley system.

Heavy to Light Trailers

These trailers are heavy duty and made to withstand rough roads and harsh terrain. There are different options available, depending on the type of work you are doing. Some trucks have roller tail or roll tail setups onto a step deck, a float trailer, or a flat bed. Other trucks may have bolsters or pipe rails that are used to secure piping when it is being moved from different job sites.  Some trailers use a Release Goose Neck (RGN) setup, which allows heavy equipment to be rolled off the trailer. It does this by disconnecting the trailer from the trucks and then ramps drop down so the heavy equipment can be easily moved off and on the trailer.

Fluid Trucks

A fluid truck brings or takes away fluids from oilfield drilling sites. Some are used to transport water for drinking purposes. If so, they have to comply with certain standards by the health authorities. Samples will be taken on a regular basis, and the water analyzed to be sure it is safe to drink and free from any contaminants or bacteria. The pumps, hoses, and tanks must be constructed from only food grade materials. For more information about these regulations, contact the Occupational Health and Safety Tribunal Canada.

These trucks are also used to transport water that will be used for vessel and pipeline hydro testing, or for drilling rig operations. Many of these trucks have heated water pumps if they work in an area that has sub-zero temperatures.

Visit with a heavy construction equipment company, who can answer any questions you may have about these trucks. Check out some of Alberta's biggest trucks and trailers by reading the rest of this website.