Using Proper Construction Equipment

What You Need To Dispose Of A Large, Dead Tree In Your Front Yard

A large, dead tree standing in the front of your yard is a serious concern. There are many problems with a dead tree that has not been taken down. The primary one is that it is dangerous. That large tree can fall down and destroy your car, your home, or even injure you or your friends or family. And there is no way for you to know when that might happen. The next time there is a big storm, you might end up with the tree cracking and coming down and crashing into something precious. Even if there is no storm, a slight wind might come and cause a large branch to break and fall down onto your yard. These are all serious issues, so you need to take care of the problem. Here's how you can do is and here is the equipment you need.


You need to dispose of the idea of an axe or saw. That is a romantic notion from movies, but unless you are dealing with a small tree, you will completely tire yourself out. Any serious tree will need a powered tool. The ideal one is a chainsaw. You can either get an electric chainsaw or a gas powered one. If you don't feel like purchasing a chainsaw, then you can head to a heavy equipment rental store and rent one for the task. 

The gas-powered chainsaws are more powerful and are a better one to take care of a tree. These will also be necessary to handle cutting the tree to short log lengths. Remember, once you have cut the tree down, you need to cut it into segments. Otherwise, you will deal with a gigantic, long tree. The chainsaw allows you to make the fallen tree more manageable.

Log Splitter

Once you have cut the tree down and chainsawed the tree into small segments, then you will want a log splitter. This is essential to dealing with the tree. Unless the dead tree is completely hollowed out with rot, then you will have a significant amount of usable tree. These logs will be useful to anyone who is looking to buy firewood. You can sell this to people who use wood to warm their home using woodworking stoves. 

The problem with dealing with logs is that it is very hard to split the logs by hand. You should not try an axe or maul, because it's extremely hard work. A gas powered log splitter is what you will want to get. You can get one at an equipment rental place and use it for a day and split all of your logs. Then you will have a nice, manageable set of logs that you can sell.

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