Using Proper Construction Equipment

3 Ways To Ensure Maximum Scaffolding Safety

Scaffolding can be found on most modern construction sites. These makeshift structures give workers access to vertical work areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Although scaffolding plays a critical role in the completion of many construction jobs, scaffolding can be extremely dangerous. Workers are at risk of suffering electrocution from close proximity to overhead power lines or falling while working on scaffolding. Take actions to help reduce the risks involved with using scaffolding on your next job site.

1. Use the right scaffolding.

One of the mistakes that people make when using scaffolding is piecing together a scaffolding system with random components. This can seriously compromise the structural stability of the scaffolding as a whole.

Scaffolding is meant to work together as a system. You cannot pair components from one scaffolding system with another and expect the structure to remain stable. The components will not connect securely, and your workers will be at risk. Keep the various components of different scaffolding systems separate to maximize your safety.

2. Know your scaffolding's rated workload.

Another mistake you might make that will put the safety of your workers at risk is overloading your scaffolding system. Each scaffolding system is rated to hold a maximum amount of weight. It is critical that you and your employees are aware of this maximum limit.

Exceeding the weight limit increases the risk of a scaffolding collapse that would cause serious injury. If you find that you need to be able to put more weight onto your scaffolding system on a regular basis, invest in a new scaffolding system with a higher maximum weight rating.

3. Provide fall protection for your employees.

No matter how careful you might be, there is always the possibility that an employee can suffer a fall while working on scaffolding. Fall protection plays an important role in the safety of any scaffolding system.

Workers should wear a safety harnesses while on scaffolding to help prevent falls. Your scaffolding should also be equipped with guardrails to help guard against a fall. These guardrails need to include a top rail, a mid rail, and a toeboard for maximum protection.

Scaffolding is a useful piece of construction equipment, but it can also be a deadly piece of equipment if not treated with caution. Improve the safety of your scaffolding by offering fall protection for workers, knowing the weight limit of your scaffolding, and avoiding the combination of parts from multiple scaffolding systems. Visit a site like for more help.