Using Proper Construction Equipment

3 Different Types Of Heavy Equipment Failures You Can Avoid

When it comes to taking care of heavy construction equipment, you need to be aware of the three most common types of machinery failures that can happen when you rent and own heavy construction equipment. The three major types of failure that impact heavy equipment are thermally induced failure, mechanically induced failure, and erratic failure.  

Type #1: Thermally Induced Failure

One of the first types of failure that you can encounter is thermally induced failure. With thermally induced failure, your equipment will break down due to a large fluctuation in temperature. This type of damage occurs when you are trying to start up equipment when it is extremely cold outside; the difference between the action of starting up the engine and the cold weather can cause thermally induced failure. Thermally induced failure also applies when your equipment gets too hot and overheats as well.  

Generally, thermally induced failure can be prevented by properly preparing your equipment for extremely hot and cold weather.  

Type #2: Mechanically Induced Failure

The second type of failure your equipment may experience is mechanically induced failure. This type of failure is easy to identify and easy to prevent. Mechanical failure happens when the mechanical parts of your equipment are not taken care of.  

There is a wide range of types of mechanical failure that your equipment can experience. It may fail due to collision, abuse, excessive vibration, or shock.  

The truth is that most mechanical failures can be prevented by taking care of your equipment and staying on top of preventative maintenance.  

Type #3: Erratic Failure 

Finally, there is erratic failure. Erratic failure is when your equipment randomly fails and it doesn't have to do with thermal or mechanical failure. This type of failure may happen when your electrical system is overloaded or when your hydraulic system is overload. With this type of failure, you may be able to prevent some of it by making sure you take care of the software components of your heavy construction equipment and by using your equipment as it was intended to be used. However, erratic failure is not always controllable or preventable, which is why it is called erratic failure.  

Being aware of the different types of failure will help you know how to prevent the equipment that you rent or own from failing in the first place. Taking good care of your equipment and knowing how to use your equipment properly can help you avoid most failure situations. If you even find that your equipment is down, you can always just rent some more! 

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