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2 Possible Reasons Why The Boom On Your Hydraulic Crane Is Moving Slowly

If you use a hydraulic crane on your construction site, you may have noticed lately that the boom is moving very slowly, especially when it is attempting to lift a heavy load. If so, there are a couple of possible reasons why this is happening, and they both have to do with the hydraulic cylinder responsible for moving the boom.

1.  Hydraulic Fluid Is Leaking out of the Cylinder

One possible issue that is making your crane's boom move slower than normal is that the hydraulic cylinder is leaking fluid. Within the cylinder, the fluid is filled to a level that maintains the optimal amount of pressure within the cylinder. As the pistons move up and down within the cylinder, properly pressurized fluid gives the crane's boom enough force and power to lift and move heavy loads.

However, if there is a hydraulic fluid leak, the pressure will start to decrease as the fluid runs out of the cylinder. As the leakage continues, the pressure will continue to decrease, and the boom will continue to lose power. Eventually, the boom will be too weak to lift itself much less anything else.

2.  Temperature Inside the Cylinder Is Excessively High

Another possible problem with your hydraulic crane's boom movement is that the temperature inside the cylinder is excessively high. Normally, the viscosity of the fluid is balanced to ensure that the pistons do not move too quickly or too slowly within the fluid.

However, if the temperatures become higher than is recommended as safe for your crane's model, the fluid becomes extremely thin. Not only will the pistons move too fast through the fluid, but the thinner fluid will also not be able to build up as much pressure inside of the cylinder.

As a result, the pistons will move faster within the cylinder but will not be able to build up the right amount of pressure with the thinner fluid. This increase in temperature is most likely caused by a malfunctioning heat exchanger and will need to be professionally attended to. 

If you suspect either of these issues, you will need to have the crane repaired. However, while it is out being fixed, you cannot go without a crane because work cannot stop indefinitely. If you find yourself in this situation, contact a heavy construction equipment company, like Doc's Crane & Rigging Inc, to discuss your options for renting a crane until yours can be repaired.