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3 Helpful Tips When Purchasing A Concrete Placement Hopper

If you spend a lot of time working with concrete and placing it, then it behooves you to invest in a concrete placement hopper. This device lets you administer concrete accurately to different areas. Finding the perfect one will be easy if you keep these tips in mind.

Choose a Condition

One of the biggest decisions you'll need to make with a concrete placement hopper is buying new or used. The condition you choose will affect how much you pay. If you don't mind spending more as to get a hopper in perfect condition that holds up for a long time, then new is a great option. You'll feel good about this investment from day one.

If, however, you need to save money because your budget is a little tight right now, used concrete placement hoppers may still work out. You will just need to thoroughly examine them in person so that you can see exactly what condition they're in. 

Decide Between Hydraulic and Manual Gate

One of the more important components of concrete placement hoppers today is the gate. It's what allows concrete to flow freely from the hopper to the target site. There are two major designs you can go with: hydraulic and manual.

Hydraulic gates are more expensive, but they're convenient in that they can be operated inside the cab of whatever machine the hopper is attached to. Conversely, with a manual gate, you'll have to be outside and operate it by hand. However, manual gates will make the hoppers much more cost-effective.

Opt For Powder-Coat Finish

Chances are your concrete placement hopper is going to be exposed to some harsh elements from time to time. You thus need a device that can withstand these elements and still perform optimally for years. You'll feel better about this when the concrete placement hopper comes with a powder-coat.

It will make the hopper completely weatherproof and capable of holding up in rain, snow, dirt, and extreme temperatures. You thus won't have to worry as much about chronic repairs or expensive replacements any time soon. You won't even have to stress about rust.

When you need to place concrete with precision and efficiency, it's highly recommended to use a concrete placement hopper. There are many available on the marketplace today, but with the right insights and precautions, you can find a hopper that works perfectly for your concrete placing operations.