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How Insulated Concrete Forms Can Help Homeowners Save Money

When they are purchasing or building a new home, it is very understandable that many prospective homeowners will seek ways to reduce their expenses. Unfortunately, because many variables affect a home's upfront, short-term, and long-term costs, it can be difficult for homeowners to understand all of the options at their disposal and use them to create a housing plan that fits within their budget. This challenge can leave homeowners footing exorbitant and unnecessary expenses.

Fortunately, there are many consistently reliable and easily understandable options that homeowners have at their disposal for minimizing the costs of homeownership. Building a home using insulated concrete forms is one such option. These forms provide a home and its owner with numerous advantages that traditional building frames do not.

If you're interested in taking advantage of insulated concrete forms for your new home, read on below to learn more about how insulated concrete forms can help homeowners save money.

Insulated Concrete Forms Enhance a Home's Energy Efficiency

A home's framing is an essential yet often overlooked aspect of temperature regulation. Traditional framing materials such as wood leave walls thin and full of air, enabling heat and cold to easily pass through the walls of a home, reducing the home's ability to maintain its indoor temperatures. This issue is especially problematic during the summer and winter months when outdoor temperatures reach extremes. Thin walls can struggle to keep extreme heat and cold from breaching a home. If outdoor temperatures threaten to compromise a home's indoor temperatures, the homeowner will have to rely on their HVAC system more heavily for temperature regulation. They will be forced to leave their HVAC system on higher settings and for longer periods to reach desired temperatures, resulting in an expensive energy bill.

Fortunately, insulated concrete forms are thick and airtight, which enables them to maintain a home's indoor temperatures while fending off outdoor heat and cold. This advantage means that insulated concrete forms make it easier for homeowners to maintain desirable indoor temperatures, reducing their reliance on their home's HVAC system as well as the associated energy costs.

Insulated Concrete Forms Enhance a Home's Durability

Traditional framed or cinder block structures are highly susceptible to natural disasters such as fires, hurricanes, and earthquakes or incidents such as vehicle crashes. Wood frames, in particular, will even act as a contributing factor by causing a fire to spread. Needless to say, such incidents could devastate a home, resulting in the need for significant and costly repairs. Fortunately, insulated concrete forms are made of steel-reinforced concrete and can make a home durable enough to withstand fires, hurricanes, car crashes, and even tornadoes. This advantage significantly reduces the repair costs associated with these incidents and saves homeowners money.


Traditional home framing options can put homeowners at risk for many unnecessary costs. Fortunately, insulated concrete forms have emerged as an excellent way to ensure that doesn't happen!