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Shopping For Forklifts? 5 Indicators That You Should Buy New

Forklifts are some of the most important pieces of equipment in the warehouse. This means that when it comes time to replace your forklift, choosing the right one is vital for successful operations. So, should this lead you to buying a new forklift rather than saving money with a used one? The answer may be yes, and here are a few indicators to help you decide. 

1. You Want Modern Technology

Forklift technology, like all vehicle and equipment designs, continues to get more advanced. Modern forklifts, for instance, come with more efficient batteries with less of an environmental footprint. New safety features protect workers. And automation can make work efficient and faster. But to get any of these new options, you'll need to buy newer vehicles. If a more modern technological addition will provide greater benefit in the future, it may be worth a higher financial outlay at the beginning. 

2. You Need to Look Nice

Many warehouses are back-office operations where vendors, business partners, and the public rarely, if ever, step inside. However, some warehouses must also be on display. A craft brewery that offers daily tours or invites customers to watch work going on while they enjoy their drinks, for example, may want to project a clean, well-maintained, sanitary, and modern warehouse operation. In this case, your image will be partially tied up in how your forklifts appear. 

3. You Use Forklifts A Lot

In general, the more use you will give your forklift, the more likely you are to need a new one. Full-time forklift use — more than half the workday, usually — means you should consider starting with the least amount of work hours on the machine possible. By buying one that already has time on the clock, you risk having to replace it sooner than planned. 

4. You Want a Warranty

Vehicle warranties are great for many owners. They offer protection from unexpected repairs and problems and may even provide coverage for standard maintenance costs. If you want a warranty, though, you'll need to buy equipment that is still under one. 

5. You Can't Afford Problems

Anyone buying a used vehicle knows that there is a risk of unseen damage as well as common wear and tear. Forklifts can take a lot of abuse by some operators, they might be used in the wrong conditions, and they may not be maintained well. While some mechanical and structural problems are easy to spot, others will lurk underneath for the unsuspecting used equipment buyer. New vehicles avoid this problem entirely. 

Where to Learn More

Does your warehouse operation fall into any of these categories? If so, start by learning more about used and new forklift options. Whether you want better technology, a more reliable vehicle, or a good impression, new forklifts might be just what you're looking for.